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PLANT OVERVIEW: plant consists of 4 Gas turbine 9E controlled by Mark vie system with 4 local HMI (GT1_SVR, GT2_SVR, and GT3_SVR& GT4_SVR) and one CRM1_SVR. We have Configuration Management System (CMS) installed on CRM1_SVR which controlling all HMI on the network.

THE PROBLEM: after build and download on one I/O pack we unable to access CMS from G4 (controller for GT4). (Displayed message is: "E1103_V040709C_20160414/G4 already been checked out by different user '') but same build and download exactly was done on the other units without facing the same issue.

1. all local HMI_SVR checked G4 not opened from any user.

2. G4 deleted from CMS and again inserted as per GE-TA procedures.

Please if anyone having how to solve the problem let me know, Thanks.

I'd submit this to GE's product services, but if you're in a hurry:

First a question, what version of ControlST are you using? CMS was switched from CVS to SVN on the backend and a lot of improvements made in V6 and later. This is for my own curiosity, as I think the below workaround should fix it in any version, but shouldn't be necessary in more recent versions.

I'd try a "clean" get of the whole system on your local HMI. Close all ControlST tools, and rename the folder containing the local working copy of the system TCW file with an _Backup, so you can easily revert back. Reopen ToolboxST and use the Login and Get System From Repository commands from the CMS menu. Set the local working folder to match where your system was before you renamed it.

After this, the CMS status should be fixed. If not, I'd go back to my first suggestion and contact GE product support. :)

it sounds like you are using the version 4.7. That does have the older CMS, so you have the older version.

I am not sure where you are on your troubleshooting steps, but if Demigrog's suggestion doesnt work...i’d try below. my memory is hazy on this, but these steps should work.

when deleting GT4 from CMS, there is one step that the GE procedure does not do. steps 4-5 are critical

1) Check out the top level.

2) Delete GT4

3) save tcw file

4) close TCW file - it will ask to delete GT4 from system say yes

5) manually delete GT4 folder from E:\local_checkout folder (or wherever tcw file is)

6) re-open

7) check in top level

8) check out top level

9) re-import an older GT4 file

10) check everything in

11) check out top level and GT4

12) open up GT4 and do an upload from controller

13) i cant recall which is the good one, but save both GT4 and GT4_##### files

14) delete the old GT4 (cant remember which one is)controller

15) rename GT4_#### (if that was the good one)

16) save TCW

17) close TCW

18) check in everything

Sorry for the lengthy list

Dear, demigrog2 and ME42,

Thank you for sharing your valuable experience.
>First questions, what version of ControlST are you using?
ControlST version: V040709C.

I'll get PTW to troubleshoot after tomorrow and try your suggestions then return to you my feedback.
Actually today we got the chance to issue PTW for troubleshooting and a lot of thanks to demigrog2 and ME42 your information was very helpful and the troubleshooting was very similar to ME42 steps:

1. open Toolbox , check out the top level or main project .


3. Close the ToolboxST and message was displayed to Purge G4 file, I selected YES .

4. Manually G4 folder deleted from master folder.

5. Re-pen Toolbox

6. Then at the top level also or main project , R/C and insert new controller and name it G4 and put R- CONTROLLER ip address

7. Check in again in main project after that all became normal.