Problems Disconnecting Generator from Grid


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Can anybody help me?

I have a 10,000 kW generator head, with a 3600 rpm 3 h.p motor 208/230 volt.

I am trying to power its self by plugging in on the grid. then once it's going full speed, switch it off the grid, and have the generators power run the motor. the magnets are fighting each other acting like breaks.

Please help
Thank you for your time
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From your description, it sounds as if you want to use the generator to drive the motor to drive the generator to drive the motor... This is effectively a perpetual-motion machine.

Since neither generator nor motor will be loss-free, and whatever energy is added to the system when it is synchronised will be rapidly dissipated, bringing the combination to a halt.

If your intention is not to run the combination in this way, give a clear description of what you want to achieve.