Problems ethernet comm. Wizcon <> Quantum PLC


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H. Borgt

The 2 different Wizcon 7.61 systems are connected with a switch (100 Mb) to two Schneider Quantum PLC's by a 140 NOE 771-01 communication card.

Both PLC's control a different proces part. When we use the both SCADA system on proces part 1 there are no problems. But when both SCADA systems are used for proces part 2 there are problems. The values sometimes are not reliable (there are zero's).


Please give me details about process part 1 & 2 & if you give deatail of total system , I may be able to help you.

We've got a reaction from Schneider with a new firmware release for the NOE Ethernet cards. We will try this today. If it make difference i will post it on this list.

We've used firmware version 2.0 and will try it today with 3.1.

Thx for the reactions.