Problems setting up FMS comm. with CIF50


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One of our clients has an old Wizcon system that has a Hilscher CIF12 card. With this card it communicates Profibus FMS with a B&R PLC.

The PC needs to be replaced by a new one. The new PC won't have ISA slots, so the CIF12 also needs to be replaced. We called Hilscher, and they have a solution with the CIF50.

The new CIF50 isn't able to set up a succesful link with the PLC, the old CIF12 is. We called Hilscher, but they won't help us because the problem is too "complicated". We searched ourselves and found out that the problem is probably because of the used services in the FMS protocol. The software of Hilscher (Sycon) doesn't allow full control over the card (the old Compro software did). The other settings are the same in the CIF50 & CIF12 (speeds, times, etc.).

The problem is not the PLC and not the SCADA software, as we have tested these out. Does anyone have any experience with the CIF50 over FMS??