Problems when Downloading Pcode on a New UCVE


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Dear all,

I need help. On GT GE Frame3, Fuel is Gas, Control system: Mark 6 Simplex with VPRO X/Y/Z.

I have this problem 2 weeks ago. First, the problem loss of communication and no data on HMI appears 3 times when the GT is stopped. After that we reboot all cores and communication ok

But after we run the GT for for 2 weeks, the GT tripped, the operator saw no data on HMI, no Alarms on Alarm windows, and no record of any data on historian. We are sure that the reason of trip is loss of communication, and may be a problem on UCVE.

I decided to change the UCVE M01A by a new one UCVE H2A (with compact flash 128 Mo).
The toolbox release is: 11.02.03C.
I removed the UCVE M01A and remove its compact Flash.
I install this compact flash on the new UCVE H2A then install on the controller place.
I download step by step:
Download the product code (select.dnl) download complete
Download the application code (Pcode.pcd); we get this alarm:
Error D63-SYSERR sys loader (91): EGD net record 5403 not allowed in online loads.

The second time
I removed this UCVE H2A and remove from it the old compact flash I replace it by the new one 128 Mo.
I download step by step.
Download the product, download complete
Download the application code (Pcode.pcd) and cannot to download to memory, as there is a major difference.

On UCVE Diagnostics Alarms I have 2 alarms:
Fault 82: Hardware platform configuration failed with error 1005
Fault 97: System startup Failed with error 57

Sometimes I had this error: SDI Disconnected.

My question is: is there a special procedure to install the UCVE H2A F?

Thanks again for your help

if you were replacing the old UCVEM01 with the same model UCVEM01 then you should have been able to simply remove the compact flash from the old UCVE and install it in the new UCVE and perform a download of product code. This assumes that you also set all the jumpers on the new UCVE card to the same position as the card that was removed. This case of installing the same major revision of a card requires no changes to your .m6b file since the major revision of hardware is the same. This situation is also the easiest to perform since you can use the old flash memory which already has the IP address assigned and the current pcode.

But in your case you are installing a UCVEH2A in place of a UCVEM01 which is a completely different major revision. Also as you are aware the UCVEM01 card has two Ethernet ports, and the UCVEH2A only has one. If you are using both ports of the M01 card then the H2A will not work as a replacement. In either case you will need to modify your .m6b file hardware configuration to match the new UCVE card you are trying to install. This is the reason for the error code #82, your hardware defined in the .m6b file is for a UCVEM01 and the actual hardware being installed is a UCVEH2A.

Just to cover it again. You are trying to replace a controller card of a completely different revision and hardware configuration. These differences require changes to the .m6b file that may or may not be easy if the second Ethernet port of the UCVE card is being defined and used. It would be best to replace the old UCVE with a card of the same major revision.

I hope this helps you understand why you are encountering problems with your repair attempt.
Good Morning

I really appreciate your help and your explanation.
No, I am not replacing the old UCVEM01A with the same model UCVEM01A. we do not have on the store. I am installing a new UCVEH2A F (with Flascompact 128 Mo) in place of a UCVEM01A.

Yes the UCVEM01A card has two Ethernet ports but only one is used. The second Ethernet port is not used. I know that my UCVEH2A F only has one Ethernet port.

I installed correctly the jumpers E8 and E10 for the battery.

Tell me please how to upgrade the m6b project for the new UCVE H2AF.

Thanks more for your help.

Nb: By the past I have replaced a new VCMI H2C but it comes from GE with a CD and a procedure. But I didn't receive anything with the new UCVE H2A F.

I am waiting your answer. and if possible I want to send you my m6b project by email

I will assume you already have communication with the "R" core with the compact flash that you are using and that you do not need to perform the serial load. I assume you have already loaded runtime.

I suggest backing up or copying all files in your master folder before starting this process so that you can recover if needed.

1. With toolbox open and at privilege level #2:

2. Expand hardware and I/O definitions

3. Expand Rack 0 Channel R

4. Right click on slot #2 UCVE and select "upgrade"

5. Select the revision of UCVE being installed.

6. Ok the next few windows.

7. Under the "device" selection at the top, select Device>Validate>all

8. Take note of any errors in the validate.

9. If there are no errors then perform a "build" then download. <b>Do not download to memory, only download to permanent storage.</b>

10. Watch the lower window for any errors in the download.

11. Once complete with no errors, at the PDM turn off power to the "R" core and all VPRO cores. Wait 15 seconds or so and then power up all VPRO cores and the "R" core.

12. Wait 30 seconds or so for the UCVE to boot and then attempt to connect using toolbox.

13. On the bottom of toolbox you should see "boot" in yellow. Double click on that and watch the status of the boot of the core.

14. If everything is ok you should see it change from "boot" to "control". If not take not of what step it reaches.

15. Take note of the green run lights on all I/O cards and the VPRO's, verify that all are blinking at the same rate and in unison, telling you that all are synchronized.

Advise us how things are proceeding for you. Hopefully this will get the core back healthy and in control.
Dear all,

I want to inform you that I followed this procedure and for the moment all is ok (well).

We ugrade the soft with UCEVE H2A (With old flashcompact); the VCMI IS H2B. Just it left only one little problem:

The all totalizers are indicated 0 hours, 0 fired hours. I am searching how to recover the old numbers.

Best Regards

glad you were able to get the system up and running. Your totalizer data should still be on the old UCVE card, stored in NOVRAM. If you are able to retrieve it from some sort of historian that will be easiest. Otherwise you will need to reinstall the old UCVE and get it booted to find all your old numbers.