Problems with air intake and dirty turbine


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Arianna Mambrini

After heavy rain, air inlet system have been checked and found prefilter cells, bag filters and final filters clean (we are talking about deep pleat and aluminum separator filters F9 efficiency), but the gas turbine was dirty!

After cleaning it, 2/3 of power has been restored.

I'm still waiting for more detailed informations, but if someone has ever experienced the same situation.

Sounds like the filters are relatively new. When was the turbine last washed before the new filters were installed?

What is the nature of the "dirt" on the turbine?

No filter arrangement is 100% effective for every environment. What type of environment is the turbine located in? Humid? Are there hydrocarbon vapors that can be ingested into the unit?

Are you certain the inlet plenum is devoid of leaks? They can be difficult to find.

Does the unit have evaporative coolers?

Is the site dusty?

Careful analysis of the dirt and contaminants found in the unit, along with a careful inspection of all joints and seams of the inlet duct will help in determining the root cause of the problem.

Lastly, turbines don't get dirty in short periods of time--if the inlet duct is free of leaks, the filters are properly installed and they are properly chosen for the environment.

Leaks from turbine bearings can also contribute to fouling.
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Please let us know about the kind of inlet duct and the paint which was applied in the duct chamber. However, heavy rain can never cause problem on its own as inlet ducts are designed to keep rain at bay.

On more thing, did your HMI gave you "turbine inlet air trouble" alarm because in that case emergency inlet door might have been operated to let air in so that compressor survived. But this is just a speculation.

I do not understand in which part of the world your turbine is?
Apart from air trouble, as you are suggesting that dirt reached your turbine then this may be because of fouled oil and what you are terming as dirt may be carried over element of hydraulic oil filter or varnish problem.

But still you have not specified the area of turbine where you found the dirt?

I am not taking in account compressor fouling and associated CPD fall as in plants seniors are very particular about it whether running in BASE Or PEAK load .

Pleas elaborate about the geography and GT parameter.

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Eagerly waiting for your reply, as until you reply how can we know how problem was solved?

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