Problems with Quickpanel Jr ASCII protocol


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William Wicker

Hi all!

I am attempting to connect a Total Control QuickPanel Jr to a Pacific Scientific 952 servo drive.

I have been very successful in the past using the PacSci with dumb terminals (VT-100 emulation).

I'm trying to use the QuickPanel's single-drop ASCII protocol. This is a (very) simple protocol that allows the OIT to respond to a small
selection of commands. I can read and write tag values, and force page displays. Or so the book says.

In reality, I can write values, and change pages, but I can not read values. I get no response to a read command. I'm reasonably certain that the command is being sent correctly.

Since I'm using RS-485 (full duplex, RS-422 to the picky), I have already considered a cable fault. The cable checks out fine.

Has anyone else used the QuickPanel Jr with either of the ASCII protocols?

Please help!