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Pablo Matamoros

Hello, I'm Pablo Matamoros.
I need information about QNX's SCADA. I usually work with Realflex, and I have some problems with it. Such as Historical Data, it doesn't work

Please if you have any information I will be grateful.

Pablo Matamoros


Hello Pablo,

I work with RF also, and we had problem with historical data in the version 4.2, Realflex (now Datac) has some updates to version 4.2, i use the patch 4.2d , and it is working fine with an historical of 160 MBytes, that solved the problem of lossing historical data, there are other small problems, RF usually send patch updates to their users.

We need to know what is your exactly version of Realflex you are using.

Luiz Santini
Campo Grande, MS

H. A. Becker

Hello Pablo
The version of RealFlex you are working with 4.20c is quite a bit behind in updates as we have recently released version 4.20e1. I will contact you direct concerning these updates.
With the latest update the historical problems should no longer exist.
In addition with the aquisition of the assets of RealFlex by Datac Control International Ltd of Dublin, Ireland, we now have a Microsoft client available called Flex.Win. A demo of this system may be downloaded from our website ( or from (

Allan Turner

Hello there,
We at waitoa are using 4.20e1 and the historicals have not worked 100% of the time and fail regularly. I have worked with realflex from the days of non windows upto the present time and I can say that the historicals are that way.....However the way the historicals should work is very good?

The system we use is controlling boilers and all of the services for the site, so they need to be sorted out ASAP.