Problems with S7 PLCSIM


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Hi guys,

I am working with Step7 v5.3 + SP2 (running on Windows XP + SP2) and there is no way of installing S7-PLCSIM v5.3. When the installer is launched after a few steps this message pops up and the installation stops:

"There are data on your computer which will be deleted the next time you restart the computer. This may lead to problems if you reinstall the software. Restart windows and then start Setup again"

I have restarted the computer several times but the same message comes up every time.
I have also tried with an older version of PLCSIM (v5.0) but did not work, and I have even reinstalled Step7 again but get no result either.

May someone help me or suggest me what else to do?

Thank you very much in advance!