Problems with Siemens PCS7 H System


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We have procured PCS7, 417-H redundant system for one of our ongoing projects. The download of hardware configuration is done to both the CPUs without any errors.

There's a simple CFC created in plant view & has a simple division block. Later the same was compiled & it gave no errors. But when we try to download the program to the Redundant System, in the midway of the download it shows errors (FB245 is not downloaded OR FB246 is not downloaded). Sometimes we also get errors "The connection with the CPU was interrupted".

Need some help to overcome the above problem.
Meanwhile we have also procured one more PCS7 of Non-Redundant CPU (414-3). Here there are no problems either in downloading hardware or program to the CPU.

Curt Wuollet

Are you by chance using a usb to serial converter?
Many of these fold up when you try to stream data.