Problems with Simatic Step 7 SP2


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Richard Bland

Using Siemens Simatic Step 7 V5.1 with SP2 whilst programming FC blocks in LAD, every so often the block changes to STL when saved and cannot be
changed back again. The only way back is to go to a previously saved version and start again. This is getting very very very annoying. Siemens say they know it happens but not how to stop it or deal with it. This seems pretty bloody poor to me for a piece of software costing £1K+

Any help how to stop it happening or how to get back to LAD from it would be very greatly appreciated.


Richard Bland
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Donald Pittendrigh

HI All

I have the same problem, don't put so many elements in to the netwrok and the problem usually goes away!!!

Donald Pittendrigh
Hi !

I dont know if this will help but just in case:

Do you have LAD as default on your Created in language column ?

Best Regards Mathias

Adrian Hernandez

Yes, set the ladder editor to work with ladder or with function block diagram, you can find this in the tool menu, under preferences, and the best recommendation I can give is try not to put so many instructions when you program in STL in a network.

Otherwise I´ve been working in FBD for a long time, and I havent had this kind of problems, probably you should try with FBD.