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EngKeong Ong

Does anyone know what is process modeling ?

Any replies would be appreciated.

david mertens

If it is possible to make a mathimatical model of a certain process, even if the model is a simplification, model predictive control (MPC) can be used instead of normal PID control in order to obtain a better control of the
process. You can find more about MPC at "":

Anand krishnan Iyer

Basically process modelling is related to creating a simulation type model of the process.

This is done for R&D and many a times for Automatic process control.

As far as control systems is concerned this is done where there is a lot of interaction between the various closed loops or changes in certain
compositions can affect control parameters in a big way.

There are other uses like for optimization and
economic control along with a wide range of
applications in control systems.

It is a very vast subject and several books are
available on and also chapters dedicated to this in chemical engineering books.

Please also check "": , I believe they have a couple of publications in this subject.

This short note cannot really justify the definition of process modelling and apps, but is just a begining.


Michel A. Levesque, eng.

In very simple terms, process modeling is the act of "converting" or "mapping" a process to a set of mathematical equations. The equations are then known as a model for your process. The model can then used to simulate the process, to predict the system response to stimulus and to better understand exactly what is going on within the process. There are a lot of texts available on this subject and a lot of different theories as to the "best" modelling approach for a given process.
Check the IEEE web site for books on the subject.