Process Simulator for PLC System


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Ngoc Lan

Hello Everyone
Who can tell me where can I buy the element to create the mimic panel. Also who can tell me how does it cost the process simulation system (hardware system) for PLC system. To assume the PLC system includes 48 DI, 48 DO, 12 HScounter, 12 AI, 12 AO.
Your best bet is to get a process simulation software if you can afford it. PICS from Woodhead is one of those. It is the same company that also makes the SST connection boards to connect to just about any industrial networks. It is not exactly a direct answer to your question, but it may provide you with a better alternative than switch and light I/O modules to simulate a process.
I agree. PICS is quite versatile too. If you are using various PLC's it is good. If you have only Rockwell PLC's try RSemulate5 or 500.