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Jim Pinto

Automation Listers :

My article published in Industrial Controls Intelligence & Plant Systems Report - June 00 is on the web at :

In the last century, new products took 3 years to develop.
In the Internet age Time is critical and clearly a competitive weapon.
With accelerating technology, some products are obsolete within months.
Move fast, or become history….

I'll appreciate your comments and feedback.

Jim Pinto
San Diego, California, USA
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Anthony Kerstens

Much of what Jim says rings true, and not just
for product development. I can remember not
even 5 years ago fighting with a modem to
transfer drawings. Now it's zip and email. What
Jim say is applicable to most things engineers
get involved with.

Think of it. Apply for a job. Get product info.
I have the local hydro supplier offering me daily
power consumption and power factor reports
by email automatically.

Just imagine the quantum leap the telegraph and
the telephone must have represented. It's not just
the internet as it's being hyped by people who
really don't look beyond the "toy" aspects. It's
basic communications with a larger community,
mitigating the financial and logistic limitations of
long distances.

Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.