Proface GP577R Upload


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I'm trying to upload the program from a Proface GP577R using GP577R upload/Download with GP-pro/PBIII, and it is coming up with an error

The Error is 'No Upload Information in GP Data File'
So, on the website it says you cannot upload until you have downloaded. My problem is that I only have an out of date backup. So downloading will wipe any changes in the GP577R.

Does anyone know how to get around this??
This message means that the data in HMI do not have the information needed for upload. They have all data for run, but don't have the data for the programmer software. If this information don't has been sent by original programmer, upload isn't possible. You can check if the upload information has been sent. Enter OFFLine mode, in the main menu check in the upper right corner: if you see "**" the Upload Information is present.