Proface HMI with Siemens PLC


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Recently I am working with Proface HMI TouchPanel.

The TP is connected to Siemens S7-300, everything is working perfectly fine, except the Proface Software with a Siemens Driver bundled does not have the option where DB declaration as Timer function.

Because of that, the value I keyed in to the TP, does not match the value shown in STEP7. How can I make it work?

I am running parallel with Proface TP and Siemens MP using MPI connection. How do I work with the Proface? I do not have the Initial Project loaded to the Siemens MP, so I cannot change anything inside there.

Summarized question: How do I configure my Proface DB addressing, where I can get the correct figure?

I am begging for EXPERT help on this matter. Please help me!!!

Pro-face America support

The S5TIME data type is a unique Siemens timer format consisting of 8 bytes. The first byte defines the time base and the remaining bytes the time value in BCD format.

[email protected] can give you expert help with a solution that best fits your needs. Specify the hardware and software you are using, the range and resolution of your timer value, and the desired TP display format. If you can, include your TP and PLC projects.