Proface PFXGP4301TAD modbus TCP

Hi, recently I'm getting a chance to play with this HMI which is PFXGP4301TAD and I am new to it, and I would like to communicate with it through modbus TCP, however when i read through the datasheet, i didn't saw anything related to modbus. Is setting up a Modbus server in this HMI possible or do we need an extra device or PLC for it? Can anyone who have experience with this HMI guide me on this ? Thanks

Find here below a lin taht can help it is for VIJEO schneider PLC interface, ethernet TCP/IP comm protocol configuration
I dont know which unit/model you got ....can you specify it..I saw some documents on schneider PLC /Proface COM PROTOCOL...

Hi James,
Sorry My bad, the model is Proface PFXGP4301TAD by schneider-electric.

Hi I work with lots of Pro-face 4201TAD screens daily.
You can configure them for either modbus TCP master or slave. The IP address + subnet mask must be set in the offline menu of the screen (left-bottom right-top intermittent pusing until you can go offline).
If you can tell me what you want or what you want to test, I can make a test-application for GP Pro EX for you that you can load n the screen.
As I said, more dan 10 years of experience with it, so I'm sure I can help you.
Feel free to contact me directly.