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I stumbled across the ISA, and I am interested in getting certifications through them. Are there any other governing body certifications for this kind of work? Or suggestions to go a different route before I get too invested in this?

Bob Peterson

I guess you need to look into why you want to be "certified". It probably does help to get past the HR drones who filter resumes to actual hiring managers, but the reality is that other than for entry level non-technical jobs most positions are not filled through HR anyway in most companies, at least here in the US.

There are all kinds of professional accolades you can acquire that may or may not help you get a particular position.

The ISA stuff is not cheap so unless you have a company willing to pay for it, you may find it more than you are willing to spend. And it is not just the tests. The study materials they sell are not free either. And you won't pass the testes unless you have access to the study materials.


I was trying to do this for two reasons. I am looking to familiarize myself with the standards since I am freshly out of the military, and I am the only person here who does controls work. To me, this means I need to be as on top of current requirements as possible.

There is the distinct possibility that my company would pay for these certifications, but if not than I will probably skip them depending on the price tag.

Would you recommend a different route for this?

Thank you for your response.