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Gil Junqueira

Hello everybody,
I was relocated to a small town in Ohio and I have to start over building my network of friends, professionals and such. I think this is highly important and effective.
Basically, it involves getting contact names so we can know each other and exchange ideas, thoughts and try to help each other the way we can.
I am a very specialized electrical engineer for Mitsubishi Heavy Ind. and would be nice to meet people in the automation field, Power Plant Industries, OEM, Mechanical Engineers, software eng, anything really.
We may never come face-to-face, but that doesn't mean we cannot help each other advance in our careers...

Thanks for your time,
Gil Junqueira
Mitsubishi Heavy Ind. America
Hello Gil
I guess Mitsubishi Heavy Ind. has many divisions. Didn't the generator division just take off several years ago from your division on the east coast?
Anyway - if you have a use or interest in our product - give us a call - its toll free from the web site. Basically level controls and some flow for industry and generator days tanks etc.
Thanks Bob Hogg