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I am beginner in profibus and sinec L2 communications with siemens PLCs. I'd like introduction documentation about those objects. I want to establish a SINEC L2 network and I don't know how to start!

Please any documentation for biginner level.

Any reply would be appreciated!!!

Daniel Chartier

Hello Vagelis;

If you are working with Step 7, manuals for S7-300 and S7-400 PLCs have been installed on your hard disk. If not, the manuals are downloadable from the Siemens support webpage:

The manual that would best answer your questions is called STEP 7 - Configuring Hardware with STEP 7 (s7hw51_b.pdf). Chapter 3 describes in detail all the steps for configuring a DP network in Step 7, through the HardwareConfig editor.

There are 3 basic steps to setting up a DP network:
1) choosing the hardware elements, DP master, DP slaves, setting Profibus addresses on all partners, installing cable and using appropriate Profibus connectors (with termination at each end of the network)
2) using an adequate Profibus configurator (HardwareConfig for Step7)to set up a software version of the selected hardware: setting the Master's parameters, graphically linking slaves to the bus, setting the same addresses as chosen for the harware, selecting the I/O addresses for each slave module
3) downloading the file to the CPU after integrating the configuration file (in the case of HardwareConfig, compiling and downloading the configuration).

If you are working with an S5 PLC with a DP port, you will need an external configurator (Com Profibus) that will create a binary file of your network configuration; you would have to import it in the PLC program to integrate it.

You can look at, under the Technology tab, for theoretical details on the Profibus-DP networks.

Hope this helps,
Daniel Chartier