Profibus coms - TI545 to AB SLC500

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I have 10 TI545's with profibus com ports and I want to communicate with a recently purchased machine that has a AB SLC500. The AB has a SST-PFB-SLC profibus card in it....

Daniel Chartier

Your SST card can be set up as a DP-slave, so it can be hooked up to one TI545 master easily. Note that the TI545 DP-port can only be used as master on Profibus-DP. Standard procedure is to use COM Profibus software (version 3.3 is downloadable from the Siemens web site: "": ) to generate the network configuration file; determine the size of exchange templates between master and slave also in COM Profibus.

Then merge this file in the TI545 software (Softshop or TiSoft) so the master can start polling the slave. Now, if you want to talk to all the TI545s it is more difficult. You could setup a multi-master network (also through COM Profibus) through which all the TI545 masters could read the SST slave; but still only one of those masters would be able to write to it. Or you would have to setup another network (peer-to-peer, Erhernet or Profibus-FMS) between the TI545 masters: expensive...

Hope this helps,
Daniel Chartier