Profibus connection


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I want to connect :
- 1 Siemens PLC S7-300
- 2 HMI with 2 cables

50 m 30m

I have some problem to connect my HMI on profibus because I am not able to find a connection tap to have an industrial connection.
On my HMI there is no female connector just a cable with a 9 pins male.

Zan Von Flue

If it's not a Siemens HMI, mostlikely your HMI has only a 25pin RS232 connection. You then need a RS232 to DP (or MPI) adaptor. The HMI
company should offer this connection.
At least this is so with the HMI's I use.
sorry but my request was not complete.
The communication protocol is Siemens MPI (the connection are the same).
The HMI are 2 XBTF MAGELIS from Schneider. to be connected on the MPI network I use 2 gateways XBTZ979 with a 9 pins connector (male), i can
connect it on the PLC but if I use a MPI connector the connectio is not very industrial.

Zan Von Flue

I looked through the cat. from SquareD and didn't find the Z979 however, like I said, if it's not a Siemens HMI, somehow the RS232 (here
9pole not 25pole) from the HMI needs a connection to the DP/MPI and this is with an adaptor. This is also with Modbus, DF, and X other types
of connections. If the adaptor from SD is "not correct", siemens does have RS232-DP/MPI adaptors.
Also, on a DP/MPI network each node gets a unique address.