ProfiBus-ControlNet Gateway

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James Ingraham

Well, that's not a lot of information, but there are a couple of possibilities.

The most obvious is Prolinx, a subsidiary of Prosoft. Prolinx makes gateways, including a ControlNet to Profibus-DP Master and a ControlNet to Profibus-DP Slave. As far as I know, they don't have anything for FMS or PA, much less the new "profiles" like Profi-Safe. They also make an Ethernet/IP to Profibus-DP gateway, which would work well on a ControlLogix system. Check out Prolinx at

Then there's SST (, which makes two things that may be of interest. The first is X-Link, a build-it-yourself network gateway. You specify that you want ControlNet to Profibus, and they put together a box that is essentially a computer with two network cards in it. It runs special software to bridge the two networks. Personally, I would go with Prolinx over SST for cost and complexity reasons, but that's just an opinion. The other option SST has is a Profibus-DP Master card for ControlLogix and SLC-500, which plugs into a chasis just like a ControlNet or DeviceNet card does. They do not have this option for PLC/5. They do have Slave modules for SLC-500 and PLC/5, but not ControlLogix. Of course, if you want your ControlLogix to be a Profibus slave, you can get the SST Profibus master card and a Siemens DP/DP Coupler which allows data exchange between two DP networks.

Hopefully, one of those options should do it. However, if those fail you, you could always build a PC with ControlNet and Profibus cards (from any manufacturer) and write software to transfer data between the two. This might not be too difficult if both cards have ActiveX controls or OPC servers. Still, I would think the Prolinx gateway would be a better bet.

Incidentally, I have never used a Prolinx product, nor do I have any financial link to the company. So don't take my word for it.

Hope that helps.

-James Ingraham
Software Engineering Team Leader
Sage Automation, Inc.

Norm Malloch

As suggested by James Ingraham (Sage Automation), one alternative is to "build a PC with ControlNet and Profibus cards (from any manufacturer) and
write software to transfer data between the two".

One modification to this alternative would be to consider a commercially available software gateway product that is OPC compatible. Our company sells such a product. The product is an OPC client that maps OPC items from one OPC server to items in another OPC server.

Here is the link for the product:

Norm Malloch
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