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G. Hossein Mazarei

Hi ,
Is there anybody who knows about the PROFIBUS DP and DPV1 specification. I am searching for format of user diagnostic data in the PROFIBUS DP slave.
I had installed a DP slave card in the computer , which can communicate with other DP master. now for sending a diagnostic data from the slave to the master station I do not know what is the standard format of this data. In the documents of the card it has noted that the user diagnostic data must have conformity with the PROFIBUS DP and DPV1 specification. But I do not have the specifications of the PROFIBUS DP. It would be highly appreciated if someone send it to me or give me more information about the diagnostic data in the PROFIBUS DP.
G. Hossein Mazarei
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Hakan Ozevin

I want to correct something, cos I got the impression that you are trying to do something impossible. In a Profibus DP network, a slave cannot send any data by itself if the master didnot ask for it. In your case, the master should call the diagnostics data and the slave will automatically send it. You cannot change and neednot know the format of this data (that is the meaning of "standart").
In order to make these happen, you have to introduce the slave to the master. These datas are collected in files with extention .gsd (German) or .gse (English) and should be supplied by the manufacturer of the slave module. On the master side, there must be a configuration software to which you will import this file/data.

I hope this will help,

Hakan Ozevin