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Hassan Kaghazchi

Can a third-party PLC with a profibus master(class 1) card be integerated into Siemens profibus DP system. We are using Mitsubishi PLC with a DP card(A1SJ71PB92D) and would like to integerate this into a profibus-DP network consisting of Seimens S7-300 PLC's with CP342-5 interface cards. Can this be done and how? Also where can we get a GSD file for mitsubishi card?

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david mertens


First of all, there can be only one master (class 1) in a DP communication. This implies that in your case the Siemens PLC would have to be a slave. The CP 342-5 can be configured to serve as a slave, but in that case it can no longer be a master to other DP slaves in the same network. So if you still want to communicate to the existing slaves you should add another CP342-5 and configure it to be a profibus slave. In this case you do not require a GSD file for the mitsubishi PLC, as the slave doesn't have to know the master hardware, it only responds to requests from the master. I don't know the mitsubishi side of the
solution to your problem. You may need a GSD file for the Siemens PLC on that side or use a generic one (standard DP slave)??? All manuals for the siemens hardware are available on their website.
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James Ingraham

Siemens makes a Profibus Master-to-Master bridge. I don't know the part number. Then you'd only need the GSD file for the bridge.

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Fredrik Linusson

That Mitsubishi module only supports to be a master. If you need the Siemens to also be a master and intend to run a multimaster system, that's ok. But if you need the Mitsubishi PLC to be a slave you probably need another module for
it. I've heard that a slave module for the A-system exist but as far as I know it is not marketed where I live (sweden). Try "": , there might be some additional info on the case.

They should also have GSD files for the Mitsubishi systems.

Siemens S7 calculates a lot of settings based upon what units you add to it. GX Configurator or Profimap (for Mitsubishi) does no such thing. This might cause a problem if you run a multimaster system since it could possibly cause
incompatible cycle times etc. Though, how much of a practical problem this is I do not know.
Mitsubishi uses quite tolerant default settings and you can set the Siemens parameters manually if you want.