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Ferran Arumi

Hello to all,

I'm new to the list, but I've read a discussion in the list archives about the inexistence of profibus drivers for Linux (messages from '98 I think).

However I've searched PC profibus cards+drivers for Linux in the net, but I'm unable to find it.

Does anyone know some vendor who makes this PC cards+drivers (for Linux)?

Thanks in advance.
CTi/Applicom make Profibus cards and drivers/api which will run on Linux, have a look at or

Alternatively, M&R who make AutomationX have their own I/O cards, which should include a Profibus card. As AutomationX runs on Linux, I should imagine that they have a driver for the card, though I don't know if they sell it separately from automationX,

Also, try SST at There are certainly Linux drivers for SST's DeviceNet card, (Linux Lab Project (LLP), URL available from the LinuxPLC site links page

Failing that search the applications and links available at
At the risk of being overly commercial I would like to let Mr. Arumi know that Cogent Real Time
Systems has written a Linux driver for our (Synergetic/Hilscher) Profibus cards. The driver is described at


Perry Sink