Profibus interface ABB DI801 slave with SST-PFB-CLX master


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Robert Perez

Has anyone connected an ABB DI801 profibus to module-bus slave gateway with a SST-PFB-CLX master?

The idea is to use our existing profibus master device to get access vía profibus to the IO modules from ABB. In a similar way that ET200 are used.

We've tested various configurations and we are quite used to the configuration software of the SST-PFB since we configure it to work with all the devices on the plant, but something is missing to work with this device.

According to profitrace diagnostics and some debugging we did, some parameter is incorrectly set but we don't know which one.

We tested with an ABB profibus master (AC800 controller) and works like a charm. But using the same configuration in this SST-PFB doesn't work at all.

With profitrace we saw that there is correct profibus waveforms, signal levels, etc. even diagnostic communications between the 2 addresses, but no data exchange.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.