Profibus ISA to PCI upgrade path


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E Ulvestad

Does anyone have advice on the upgrade path for the (Siemens ?) CP5412 profibus card with the "SPC CIMsoftware GmbH" FMS-driver for FactoryLink running on a Win NT40 box with ISA slots?

I can find a PCI card, CP5613. Can this be used with the CP5412 drivers?

Yes, I know there is Industrial grade PCs still with ISA slots on the market, but is the CP5412 still available?
Apperantly, "SPC CIMsoftware gmbh" has been aquired by "mlp gmbh".

The CP5412 (ISA) drivers can not be used with the CP5316 (PCI), BUT they can be used with SOFTING's PROFIboard (PCI) with the substitution of a dll. The FactoryLink configuration/drivers should stay the same.
-This info provided by 'mlp'-

Anyone tried this ?