Profibus Pa Configuration

Hello all,
We have different brands of Profibus Pa instruments
I want know is there a tool to make a configuration to set the address before link the instrument to network.
Almost of manufacture they dont have facility to configure the instrument through LCD display LOI Or Dip switch like Yokogawa , Emerson....
I am looking for acommunicator.
I recently used the Softing MobiLink handheld communicator with a paid license to talk to Foundation Fieldbus transmitters (needed a separate FF power supply). That same MobiLink is capable of Profibus PA communication with a Profibus license. I don't do Profibus, so you'll have to check with Softing on details.
It means the out is direct profibus PA but nead a liecenc, i this it is good solutikn
I have PBpro USB from softing
but the out for usb is Profibus Dp
and need to DP/PA coupler. Until now i did not use , i dont know which FDT software i can use , as ihave diffrent brand of instruments, Yokogawa, Emerson , Rosmount,Auma,....