Hello all,
We have yokogawa analyzer model PH202G PH ANALYZER Profibus PA , we replaced it to new model FLXA21 BUT we found the transmitter not working with DCS system.
We check all but still not working we refix the old model and work with DCS.
I want know is the GSD file work with same models or need to replace it when the model replace.
This protocal not easy like 4-20 ma.
PROFIBUS GSD files are device-specific, so when replacing a device with another that is not the same model, you will need to make changes to the DCS system using the new device's GSD file. Also make sure the new device's address is set to the same address as the device you are replacing (and confirm the DCS system is targeting that same address when you reconfigure using the new device's GSD file).
For yokogawa
What is diffrent between
- Device specific GSD file
-Profile GSD file
I confuse on type of GSD files and which one is correct.
And what is DTM files?
I'm not familiar with the term Profile GSD file, but when I used the term device-specific GSD file, I simply meant that every device has its own GSD file. For example, for your specific device, I believe you should use the "PROFIBUS GSD file - pH/ORP Converter FLXA21" GSD file available under the Software section here:

GSD is a text file while DTM is a software file. Both are used by PROFIBUS device manufacturers to describe the device's functionality.

DTM files are specifically for FDT/FRAME enabled system and are essentially a plug or software driver to the FDT/FRAME enabled system.

All PROFIBUS applications that I've ever encountered use GSD files. All PROFIBUS devices must have a GSD file supplied by the manufacturer.