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F. Rolet

I would like to use the profibus PA technology but it seems very new. It is a really open question but I would like to know if it's possible to link profibus PA directly to a PLC?

Yes, it is possible to link Profibus PA to a PLC. A great combination is the Siemens S7 CPU's and PA couplers/links. It is a very easy hook up. Contact your local Siemens Rep. and see a demo.

Nick Boughton, Briggs Automation (UK)

We have been using Profibus PA for 3 years for large process applications. In 1999 we completed a project in China, in 2000 one in South Africa, and this year one in Australia. We uses Siemens S7 PLC with Endress & Hauser instrumentation, a typical system have 150 instruments on PA.
I noticed that Endress is strongly supporting profibus PA but what about other vendors?
What are according to your experience with PA the critical points with this technology?
I plan to use it but it seems new to me and I would prefer to be aware of some essential points befor using it in order to prevent eventual problems. Thanks for your comments.

Fabien Hantzer

You will find on the Profibus web site ( online catalog which may be very useful to you to find out what manufacturers can supply which products.
There are about or more then 40.000 instruments installed all over the world. So, even if it's a new technology it has been proven on many plants.

some critical points to be aware of:
Some Profibus Master cards (PLC) may have some limitations and will not allows you to get everything which is specified in the standard

You will have to choose for an activ segment coupler or a passive one depending on your needs

Profibus PA is a fieldbus i.e: a network so do respect the installation advices ( cable type, topology, accessories...

If it is your first installation don't hesitate to work with an experimented supplier .