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Andrew Hawdon


I am looking for a wireless Profibus DP link either radio or Infra Red. I know Siemens have an Infra Red (ILM) module but the minimum distance is 0.5m. I am looking for something to link 0.05m to replace mechanical slip rings. Does anybody know of a suitable device?


Andrew hawdon

Donald Pittendrigh

Hi All

I am missing the point, why do you want to replace the sliprings, Profibus works perfectly well through sliprings provided they are correctly selected.

Phoenix also makes a wireless profibus link, so do quite a few other companies, but the problem is they mostly have slow data comms rate and cost quite a lot of money.

The slipring manufacturers also make a fibre optic slipring device and it is a simple thing to convert Profibus to FO with an OLM

Regards Donald Pittendrigh

Peter Hasler

Hi Andrew

We have succesfully implemented a Profibus Radio Link (S7 400 with ET200M IO). The system runs at 19.2KBPs which was adequate for our application.

The radios do support the S5 Range but the config is more complex.

Check out

Hope this helps

Peter Hasler
Do not know of a Profibus radio link to suit your needs but Omron have radio Device Net. Not sure of the minimum range but your Omron rep can probably help or go to and check out the maunal in the PDF library section.
Dataeagle DE 3000/3001 from is a radiolink system
for profibus. It runs with 12Mbit/ (DE3000)with one DP Slave or 187,5kbit with them type DE 3001. Its developed for mobile systems like cranes and used in some german automobil factories like VW and DaimlerChrysler.

Before you use any of these check to see if there are members of the Profibus Trade Organization and if their products have been tested and certified.
When the target is mobile you can´t use single antenna systems and radio systems on 433 and 869 MHz band. You need antenna diversity!! from Schildknecht is the only profibus radiolink system with antenna diverity on the market.
Be carefull regarding systems on 433 or 869 MHz. OK for this 0.5 mtr application but very limited on range as they are using frequency allocations primarily intended for opening garage doors - or similar. Regarding diversity antennas, the RDT system ensures data integrity by means of the smart protocol used. This handles imperfections in data transmission from any source rather than only radio path issues.