Proficy Machine Edition 9.0 upgrade

We are currently using PME9.0 and keen to upgrade as the hard-key license is no longer available. We also need to add few workstations.

The PME versions are available 9.5, 9.7, and 9.8. Only 9.8 is Emerson patterned. but the hard-license key still not avialable.
Need some users to provide feedback to upgrade to a bug-free reliable PME version.
Can you guys please suggest which version to move to?
What do you mean by hard key? you mean a phsyical USB? They should still be available from GE/Emerson. Ask for an M4 or M5 USB for licensing. I think M4 is non-reprogrammable and M5 is reconfigurable.
service providers are reporting that Emerson have not got the hard-license (USB) key generation system running. So you can have soft key only until further notice.
I thought you can still buy a USB and then program the 'soft key' on this USB. The the soft key can still be removed from the USB.
u are probably correct when dealing with soft key arrangement. The OP is referring to hard keys where the USB remains with the machine and if the USB is removed then some functionality of the software is removed as well, like modifying or saving projects..