Profinet or Modbus communication with Wonderware without using PLC


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I'm currently working on my student project. It is about connecting Sentron PAC3200 from Siemens and IO-link AL1100 from IFM directly to a computer with Wonderware, without using PLC.

I know for sure that there is a way to connect Sentron to a Wonderware without PLC using Modbus TCP/IP. I know this because someone from company that gave me this task for internship already done that in the past, but he lost his program, and he is not available at the moment, so there is no one to explain this to me. I don't know if connecting IO-link is even possible, but only option is Profinet so I would prefer to use it also in the case of Sentron. In addition i don't know Wonderware either. Do I need drivers for that devices? Where do I get them or how to make my own?

I was trying to find some information on the web but I don't know where should I search and what phrases. I'm quite new to the topic. I've only found instructions how to read variables from PLC's data base. I don't know where I should start (except of maybe learning Wonderware). So I'm stuck without any ideas. I've would really appreciate any clues or links where should look for help.

No one seems to be replying so I will bump my own thread as I have couple new pieces of information.

First I've found out how to connect Sentron via Modbus to a PC. That is to use DAServers - DASMBTCP in Wonderware. But this isn't helping me that much. First I didn't manage to properly read values from Sentron because instead of values like 0.1 or 230.0 I'm getting something like 16000-17000. And after all i still need to connect IO-Link that supports only Profinet connection.

My second method (that by the way also failed miserably) was to use LabVIEW with library provided by Siemens:
But I couldn't even connect to the device as I'm getting error with code 402 when I attempt to launch the program.

I'm losing my mind working of this project and I'm out of ideas. Help :C