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Juan Muniz

My company is looking for a software soluiton which will help with the management and version control of our applications programs of vast varying types: Device Series Software PLC: PLC 5 AI 5 RSLogix5 PLC 2 AI 2 SLC 500 AI 500 RSLogix 500 SLC 100 SLC 150 MicroLogix RSLogix 500 Siemens S5 S5 IBH Siemens S7 Step 7 TI 575 Tisoft Com265 Siemens Sigma Tech Dos Based Fanuc Robotics Karel ControlLogix RSLogix5000 HMI: Touchview TVO (DOS) Quick Panel GP Pro Protocol Conv. TSP (DOS) PV 550 900 PanelBuilder 32 DTAM DTAM RSView RSView Active Disp. Dataliner Wonderware Wonderware Quartech XYCOM Intelution Nematron Visual Basic Visual Basic 6 Vision: CVIM CVIM2 Gillette HP Unix C Acuity Visual Basic Visual Basic 6 Cognex Insight Servo: IMC/s GML Electrocraft iQ2000 Electrocraft BRU Compumotor Adept Adept Windows PMAC Text Based Siemens Servo 611 Simo ControlLogix RSLogix5000 Ultra-200 Drives UltraMaster Quin Ratioer Quin PTS Toolkit Quin PTS Quin PTS Toolkit Control Technologies Unisoft SEW Networking: RSLinx RSNetworks RSNetworks DNET PC Controller: Beckhoff Twincat Robotics: Staubli if possible also should allow access fron inter / intranet. any response from any one who has any experience would help the team working on this a lot, Thank you in advance. juan
Juan, We have implemented the MDT Mass solution in several plants which has done a good job of program version control and automatic backups of processors. It has interfaces with products such as the PLC 5 and SLC 500 that allows direct programming through the Mass Client shell. The project I have worked on has a Mass server/client system on a ethernet network that backs up PLC 2 and 5, PanelViews, DeviceNet and GE Fanuc PLCs. All communications to every device is through ethernet (for the PLC-2 we have Pyramid Integrators). Schedule compares are set up to go out every day, check the device program versus the server copy, and update the server if it has changed. It sounds like this is the type of system you are looking for, especially with the wide range of devices you want. Check out the product at If you want assistance, look us up at David Klebe