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i have a crazy idea and for that i'm looking for a possible standard product. The following specifications are open for discussion!!
if you have anything like it or know where i could find something please let me know!

Output voltage 0-10V
Pre programmable pulses
RS232 or maybe some other protocol should download the pre-programmable pulses to the pulse generator. A number of programs can be stored inside the pulse generator. The quantity has to be defined.
The pre-programmed pulses are called by a binary code.
A digital signal should activate the pulse or, as soon the binary code is active or changes the programmed pulse can start.
The pulse generator should adjust the low and the high level according an incoming analogue signal 0-10V.
It should be possible to make a ramp. The ramp can be a continuous rise of voltage or it can be a pulse ramp.
It should be possible to make a delay between several pulses or a series of pulses
A series of pulses should be possible to program
A continuous signal should be possible to output

Low level example from 0>100% from the incoming analogue signal
High level example from 0>100% from the incoming analogue signal
Duty 0>100%
Frequency 0>5000Hz
Delay 0>60000 msec
Rising time 0>30000 msec for ramping up
Falling time 0>30000 msec for ramping down

Sounds like you need a micro-controller. A phillips X8051 derivative will do you good.
Get the 80X750? or something to that effect.
They have a ADC and a DAC in the form of PCM output. The PCM will convert a binary value into
a PCM stream. It's only a matter of using an op-amp circuit to convert the PCM into an analog voltage...

Else if you're using a good data acquisition board, check the documentation. It may have some resources on board that you can use to rig something...

Good luck

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