programming a TSX17


Fernando Capelari - Schneider Electric B

It depends on the model of your TSX17.

If it is a TSX170xxxx or a TSX171xxxx the programming software is called PL7-1. It runs over DOS and the programming language is Instruction List (IL).

If it is a TSX172xxxx, the programming software could be PL7-1 or PL7-2. The difference will be if the PLC has the PL7-2 software cartridge at its front or not. Sorry, I did not remember the comercial part number of this cartridge.

Pl7-2 also runs over DOS and the programming language can be Instruction List (IL), Ladder (LD) or Grafcet.

You will need the cable TSX17ACCPC to connect the TSX17 to a computer.

I think you should contact the Schneider Electric support office next to you.

Hope it helps!
You can use PL7-2 or PL7-1 software. The software is DOS based software from Telemecanique. To communicate from PC to PLC you must use TSX17ACCPC (PC-TSX17 Programming Kit) and TSXTAC03 (Connection kit PC-TSX17).

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