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Kjetil Grimsaeth

Can anyone help me with programming commands for my Mitshubishi PLC. I want i to read positioning data from a PC connected trough a fx 232. My problem is getting the plc to read the data from the pc.
Please help me. I do not know mutch about programming.

Kjetil Grimsaeth,
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Hi, Do you mean Fix32, or RS232 serial port?
RS232 = Check the comms protocols supported by the PLC, it probably supports Modbus RTU Master. Check around on the internet for some software/drivers/VB code (you may have to pay) which will allow you to setup the comms port as a Modbus RTU Slave. You will need to be able to modify the code to map your data to the PLC.
Fix32 = The PLC cannot read from Fix, write a bit of VB code to send the data to the PLC at regular intervals.

Either way - you will need to be able to program. I suggest you look around for someone who can help you put this together, otherwise it's going to take you a couple of weeks.

Lynn at Alist

I'm afraid the Mitz FX PLC still lives under the shadow of "oh, it's a big secret!" and Non-Disclosure Agreements. has an OPC driver for it (one of the few). You could download a demo copy of Kepware, set up a simple poll and see what is in the FX protocol.

However, you say you want the PLC to read the PC? This is a bit more complex as I think once you do this you'll lose use of the FX port to query the PLC (i.e.: it becomes a Master). Plus, you'll have a second protocol on your PC to query your "positioning data".

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