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Lost in the Dark Ages

I have 2 DH+ networks in the factory with old PLC 5 processors. I have 2 ide KTK cards to talk to the DH+ and have to run one of them on an ancient PC that still handles these old cards. I use the ancient 6200 Series programming software that I used back in the early 90s to Diagnose/Program.

I would like to find a method to program & diagnose the 2 networks from a modern PC, but the new PCs don't have the ide bus.

The bean counters won't consider new software, new cards, etc... due to cost. I've found a DH+ to network module, but it is almost $2000.00, and I might be able to spend $500.00 max.

Has anyone seen anything out there to fulfill my "grandiose plans" with my peanut butter budget?

How did I fall back into the dark ages? LOL
Check out the DataLink Ethernet/IP Gateway to DH+ Solution. Although it costs $1,500 (more than your peanut butter budget). this converter will allow multiple Ethernet/IP (ie. RLSINX, SLC 5/05, Compactlogix, Controllogix) nodes to message with multiple DH+ nodes and you don't have to upgrade legacy DH+ equipment.

You also might be interested in the USB/9 pin serial External Gateway to DH+. This device is really handy if you don't have an internal PCI slot or PCMCIA slot (alternative to 1784-PKTX or 1784-PCMK)

James Ingraham

1) I believe you mean ISA, not ide.

2)There is not going to be a solution for $500. List price on a USB or PCI DH+ adapter is about $2000 list.

3) Your best bet is possibly the DataLink DL3500-DH+/DF1. It will be slow, because it uses serial to DH+. But at least serial will work, and USB and PCI might not. It's probably around $1500, but I'm guessing.

4) The hard part is the 6200 software. You'll almost certainly have to run a virtual machine to run 6200 in DOS. VirtualPC, VirtualBox, VMware... whatever. I could be wrong; maybe 6200 will run properly in Vista, but I wouldn't count on it.

5) Upgrading to RSLogix 5, the modern version for talking to PLC-5s, is even more expenisve. It has a list price of $4,290.

6) The real solution here is to upgrade to ControlLogix and Ethernet. This will be EXTREMELY expensive. I, of course, would be happy to quote it to you. Alternately, you could buy a Ferrari.

-James Ingraham
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Hi there,

Check out and check both the DLPCI and the DLPCIExpress as they will do what you are looking for and all for $895.00 US The on-site Engineers will be able to answer any questions for you.

Close to a peanut butter solution!