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Akif Aslan

Hi, Does anyone know if there is a way to program Fanuc Power Mate H Servocontroller with a method other than the handheld programmer? I mean can we program it via a software program? If yes how? Thanks in advance, Regards,
While Fapt is ok, you may need to arguement it in cases where you need to change the programs dynamically. Although I can't give you the code,
I wrote a program 4 years ago to do just that.
The essence of it is using a PC to do it. The pendent(Handheld programmer)connect to fanuc powermate D,E series using an RS422 port and the fanuc download port is Rs232. In order to program
fanuc in a very efficient way, you then have to write a program to emulate the pendant which is easy if you use an analyzer; then use an Rs422 to Rs232 to connect the pendant to a desktop PC.
Now connect the download port to the fanuc download port. Configure both the PC and the powermate comm protocols to match. You can then programmatically read and sent data like pushing a button to the RS422 port to set the powermate in ready mode; and simply dump text file containing any powermate parameters that you would like to download.
Using this method, I was able to run all kinds of Drives and motors using the powermate CNC.
In my applications, I used a hardened PC on wheels mounted in a steel cabinet with a touch screen interface. Reprogramming the power then was just a matter of touching the right button on the screen and selecting a file to upload to the controller.

The tedious part will be preparing the parameter files for each drive...

Using a PC to do this may sound like costly, but on a shop floor whare it used to take the technicians 45 minutes or more to program ithe drives using the 4 buttons or the pendant, this saved lots of time and errors...
Beside the PC was also used for automatic monitoring and alarming...

If you require more, I am available for consulting...

Walt Njuh
Akumeka Technolog