Programming for Modicon Bridge/Mux BM85S485


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Ben Herston

I am required by my customer to use a Modicon Bridge/Mux BM85S485 device to control a valve network. No substitute product is acceptable. I need assistance programming the devices. Schneider has provided sample code, and a Borland C complier (v3.1). The product is obsolete, and Schneider no longer provides technical support. There is no documentation for programming the devices. The sample code has errors, but my programmer does not know what the errors mean due to lack of documentation. I am looking for technical support for my programmer, or a programmer to perform the entire operation.
Give me an email address and I can mail you the user manual that explains the whole module....Don't ask me for help with it though as I have only seen this module but never worked on it.

Lynn August Linse

Do you mean you are actually looking to put custom code on the BM85? It has been a long time, but I seem to remember it was a 8x86-compatible hw platform. If that's the case, I'd assume just buying a newer product from any of the various 'bridge' companies will be far cheaper (aka: more HW cost, but less custom-SW cost).

If not, you'd probably just talk to it as a Modbus/RTU master, so programming is a Modbus question.