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Jeffrey D. Brandt

Here's an interesting situation, and I'm sure the list will not lack for advise.

How do you operate an LCD laptop in direct sunlight? Recently, I was on a cement plant baghouse in eastern Texas (US), in direct sunlight, with a software addition to make, and no shade to be found. In true 'Navy spirit', I made a makeshift shade by using my jacket, and hunkered over the display like a mad scientist.

Surely there is a better way.

I looked at wearable VR glasses, but, at $3999 (USD), I'd just as soon lug a CRT in the field.

(At least this a more mundane subject....)
Jeffrey D. Brandt
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Anthony Kerstens

How about duct-tape and cardboard? :)
You can never have enough uses for duct-tape.

Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.

Anthony de la Rosa

if you can live with a 386/486 machine two come to mind, HP's old Omnibook 300 has a great non backlit LCD display that is readable in full sunlight, and your second option would be a bright amber, Gas Plasma Display such as those that came with the Toshiba T-3200SX luggable PC's.
I use the latter at my plant to run stacker cranes in maintenance mode. A.I. works nicely on a 386 too by the way.