Programming keyence ladder builder on w7


I've been trying to program a Keyence KV40-R PLC with my laptop HP pavilion with W7 home premium 64 bits on it. I tried with 2 cheaper USB/RS232 converters (prolific) since my laptop doesn't have a serial port. To overcome the 64/32 bit issue, I used Virtualbox with XP. Sadly without any success.

Now I've ordered the keyspan usa 19hs converter. While waiting for it, I was surfing for tips and I saw on this forum KEN E that he got it working, so I'm hoping that he or someone else can provide me some useful tips (or a short manual) to get this working.

Thank you very, very much in advance.

I use this software frequently now. Here is my recipe, can't guarantee it will work for you, but....

- Windows 7 64bit pro with Virtual PC downloaded from Microsoft (I think I had to download the "XP mode" image from them as well, about 10GB).

- I use virtual PC in the traditional way, that is it looks like windows XP running in a sub-window.

- I am 99% sure the prolific chips *WONT* work. Use it for something else.

- Use a Startech ICUSB2321F adapter (I believe there was another one I was using at one point but forget its name, it might be in my other post).
* Other adapters with the FTDI chipset are likely to work, but this is the one I use.

- Set up the Startech USB-Serial device in Win7 and test it with some known serial port software that you have first (Terminal emulator, whatever).
* Note that I mapped my docking station COM port to Com3 and reassigned the Startech to COM1 since I use it for a lot of older software that only wants to see COM1 or COM2.

- Set up your virtual PC properties so that you use the "Integration Features" which you can select the COM ports to pass through to the virtual guest OS (in my case COM1).
* Note that Integration features also has a pass through for local discs and network disks.
* Also note that network discs with Virtual PC don't seem to work with ladder builder (likely virtual box too)!
* I have to copy in my projects to the virtual machines C drive and open them that way. I wrote a C#.NET program to automate the process.

- I'd advise to test that you can see COM1 in your virtual PC machine (XP Device manager) and test again with a terminal emulator or something like that.

You should be all set at this point. I think your biggest issue was the prolific adapter. I would not shy away from Virtual Box if you already have it set up, just that I have not tested it for myself. Our IT department wanted to standardize on Virtual PC for the company.

Good Luck,