Programming language for Mark6


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Please, who can tell me what is the programming language for the Mark6 control system?
GE Control System Solutions Toolbox is the software application that's used to configure and "program" the Mark VI turbine control panel with the required sequencing and logic to control the equipment and process it's being used to operate.

The operator interface is usually a MS Windows-based HMI using GE Fanuc's CIMPLICITY. Some units have been sold with Intellution iFIX, and there's rumor that Wonderware has been provided on a couple of applications (though I believe it's only been provided on aero-derivative turbines).

The HMI usually communicates with the Mark VI using GE EGD (Ethernet Global Database).

Various versions of the C programming language have been used to develop the applications.
Thank you very much Mr. CSA. But can you tell me how can I add some signal to the HMI screen or add some valves or one screen on the HMI that contain page for one system?