programming of siemens wincc in visual basic


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bill antonopoulos

Hi sirs,

I am a visual basic programmer and i whould like to know if a can use the visual basic programming language in order to program (functions,actions...) in siemens wincc scada.

The other day i was reading one of the wincc siemens manuals and i read that the wincc can be programmed in c and visual basic also.

My question is how to set up the wincc in order to program it in visual basic instead of c.

Have a nice day.

Daniel Chartier

In my experience you can integrate or develop your own ActiveX controls, and call them in WinCC script files (using the #pragma code). WinCC uses a form of C-like script which you can use in any graphic page, with any graphic element. Unfortunately, it is an interpreted script, and it can slow down the application very efficiently. Even the WinCC support team tends to recommend using it sparingly. I don't know how ActiveX controls will affect the process.

But Siemens even offers a package they call IndustrialX to develop your personnalised controls in Visual Basic 5.0. Have a look at Entry ID: 4293966 on Siemens support webpage:


Hope this helps
Daniel Chartier
Hi Bill
the next release of WinCC will support VBA/VBS scripting as well as C.

For now though, you have several options. Many people create the functionality they need into a VB DLL and then call this from WinCC scripts (using the #pragma command). For further info see the WinCC help file.

Alternatively WinCC exposes a series of API calls for both the dev and runtime environment. I don't know how far you can go with VB (it's quite limited compared to something like C++) but I know you can do basic calls. For a detailed explanation you will need the Open Development Kit which contains plenty of examples.

If you want specifics then I'd recommend you post your request on the Siemens Web Forum ("": ) to get a response from someone who will have done this before.

hope this helps