Programming Omron PLC with VB


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Derek Cheung

I am a technican of automation, I have some experience of PLC programming, but I have to modify the existing control system. I want to add a personal computer to monitor and access the process of PLC. Where can I get a programming example of VB for the Host link communication of Omron PLC through RS-232?

Luigi Faccio

i suggest you to check the site For as low as 499US$ you can get an OCX/ActiveX module that can seamlessly connect your PC/VB4.0 up program to any C-series Omron PLC using serial Host Link Interface. You can download the entire installer and use as a demo for 30 days, they have nice help system with enough examples for your application. I purchased their products and use for some projects, it works very nice.
You can write your own code to talk to an Omron processor. To read Data Memory the character string you have to send looks something like this: @00RD0020002056*
The beginning 00 denotes the node, the RD tells the processor you want to read DM locations, the next 8 characters are the adress to read and the number of words you are asking for. Following this is a checksum for this communication and finally, a * telling the processor this is the end of the communication. I believe Omron's programming manual gives you examples of how to do all this. On the other hand, I bought Cimquest's Active-X component for Omron and it is excellent!!! Spend the money and you will not regret it. You can download a functional evaluation copy of the control from their web site.

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Lukman Machlan

Would you please to send me your e-mail, i will send you a programming example of VB.
Cause I made a simple program from VB for monitoring OMRON plc's via RS-232

Lukman Machlan

Iñaki Eseberri

Please, I have to make a program just like this one, could you send me this sample, please.

Lot's of thanks !!!
You are a champion. We are just about to embark on such a project. Please email us a copy to [email protected]
We will look at developing your code further and I can email it back to you if you wish.
Thanks for your help,
Leland Lim

Guillermo Esteban

I have some simple examples (documents in Microsoft Word)about it. If you want them, write me.

I use serial port.

Have you other information about PLC's