Programming Pushbutton Using Unitronics Vision


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I'm using a Unitronics Vision 130 with a snap-in I/O V130-33-TRA22. I have 1 push button hardwired in and two lights hardwired. I need to be able to push the button once and one light comes on then push it again and it turns off. Then push 3rd time and 2nd light comes on then push 4th time and 2nd light turns off. I can't figure this programming for the version 9.5 out. Please help me with what to do for the programming.
What you're describing is essentially a drum application. The system steps through a fixed list of defined states based on time or external events.

I'd do this with a counter counting button pushes. When the counter accumulator value is 1, turn on the first light. If it's 3, light the second. When you get to the end of the list of states, the counter should complete and reset itself.

As always when counting physical inputs, make sure to denounce them. 20ms on/20ms off should be about right for a pushbutton.