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Luigi Faccio

dear list(eners)
i would like to know your opinions about the software used to program Omron PLC's. I grew up using LSS first and SSS then and liked all of them both, because of their simple interface. Then i was forced to switch to Syswin because of crashes and freezes experimented with both LSS and SSS under Windows98, but i am not so much confortable, especially with the monitoring function and the apparent lack of a fast mode for forcing/unforcing flags. Recently i happened to test the CX Programmed, that has been touted (at least on Omron USA site) as the definitive programming environment: but i still remember that not so long ago, Omron USA trashed their CPT in favor of the European-made Syswin. CX amazed me with its completeness and it complies better than Syswin with IEC1131 standards (by the way i use also the S7-200 with MicroWin 3.02 and the similarities with CX are remarkable). May someone can tell me which among CX, Syswin and CPT is a reasonable choice for the future? I am deeply concerned because it seems that there is again a race between Omron USA and Omron Europe: they cannot agree on one standard software and follows it?

regards to all/Luigi

Robert Vestal

I don't think Omron has worked out internally what they are doing. CX is the most 1131 compliant offering from Omron, but the I/O addressing will take a revamping to ever fully comply. Moving to the CS1 processor will probably force most people to CX that do move, but until then Syswin is not a bad system. One thing about CX is that it has a stinky print utility (unless it has been ugraded recently). It could also use the ability to group code into blocks like Syswin so imported Syswin programs don't end up in one long listing.

D Stableford-AICS (UK)

Syswin is lovely for a first time user, however CX programmer does not communicate with some of the older proocessors eg C20 unit so if you have got any of these on your plant beware.

This has made it cumbersome to convert older processors, where we have needed to use syswin to convert to a newer processor, and then use CX to convert to another processor.

eg c20 - CQM1 -CQM1H

Regards Derrick Stableford