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Mark Hutton

I have drafted a template for the project who's who. I suggest that this is completely voluntary, each field is optional and that the directory is used in a reasonable manner. The purpose of the directory is to give an indication, where appropriate, of a member's experience and field of expertise. The intention is to avoid
embarassing side issues and personal questions on the list (which is not the place for personal attacks).(or simply so we know who we are talking to). I would suggest that those wishing to submit copy the template (cut&paste) into an HTML editor, complete as much as desired and e-mail it to an administrator (any volunteers). There is nothing to stop you adding sections that you feel are useful/appropriate - for example a section to indicate availablity/readiness for an eyeball (face to face, in person (you know real life) contact). Obviously, it is not worth submitting until we have an administrator. This
person would collate the submissions, create an index and appropriate HTML pages to be sent to Ken or Dan for inclusion. I have included my submission as an example. As a side issue I am preparing a glossary/definition of terms relating to Automation and Control, and PLCs. In the near future I will be welcoming any input from list members (see for
the proposal).
LinuxPLC Contributor Resume
Job Title:
(Industries, technical, academic)
(NOTE: no contribution is more important than any other, comments and points raised (even questions asked) on the list are as important as source provided,. Also register project interests here, that is what parts of the projects you are most interested in).
Other Comments:

Web Site:
LinuxPLC Contributor Resume
Name: Mark Hutton
Job Title: Software Engineer
14 years PLC experience as a Test Engineer, Site Engineer, Control Systems Design Engineer and Software Engineer.

Various industries including printing, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and automotive.

Various products including Commercial Printing Presses, Gas Turbine controls for onshore/offshore applications and Food Processing equipment. Also product tracking (bar coding) and vision systems.

PLCs: Modicon, AB (PLC-3,PLC-5 & SLC), Siemens (S5 and S7-200), Omron, Mitsubishi.
SCADA: RSView, Intouch

Some C (a long time ago, in DOS, writting DH+ application using AB KT library), C++ /Java (not frontline), BASIC (communications protocols in AB
BASIC module).

Machine control expert (usually with an OEM), also Process control.

Advocate of modular machinery design.

Experienced in the application of SFC specifications - manual conversion to ladder for platfrom independence.

Since 1998 have been studying, via distance learning for a Masters degree in Computing for Commerce and Industry.

Discussion. jPLC. Resources.

Other Comments:
Suse Linux user - newbie.

Contact: mailto:[email protected]
Web Site:

Mark Hutton
mailto:[email protected]

Get Puffin'
This mail is of a private/personal nature and its contents in no way reflect
the opinions of either my employers or associates.

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Curt Wuollet

Thank you, Mark

I thought this would be really helpful to get to know each other as a community, so I've posted my old UNIX guy's resume.

LinuxPLC Contributor Resume

Name:Curt Wuollet

Job Title:Linux Systems Engineer, Owner, Wide Open Technologies

Experience: Test Equipment Design for automotive electrical components, Electronics Instructor, Unix Systems Administration, UNIX R&D,
Linux user and hacker since 1992, Semiconductor Failure Analysis, Semiconductor Test Equipment design, a related patent, PC board design (old),
Vision Systems, Part time Linux consultant, C hacker. BASIC hacker, Z80 machine language hacker. Pascal hacker, hardware hacker.

Contributions: The idea for this project, driven by rightious anger at the total lack of interoperability and excessive greed in the automation industry. Various ravings about reality and doing things the Linux way. Interested in changing an industry for the good of the community and bringing all the factions together behind a truly open community owned free alternative. Promoting tools for education and cooperation. Moving Linux toward world
domination:^), and building a system that people can really understand and use. Very interested in using commodity hardware, networking and software
to solve real world problems in industrial automation. Interested in Open Source machine controllers and robotics.

Other Comments:
Not very knowlegable on Microsoft products, switched to Linux many years ago. Limited knowledge of PLC's and PLC programming, mostly interfacing and add on systems. vision, measurement, etc.


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This seems like a good idea. I hope you folks don't mind me posting my 'mini-intro'.

LinuxPLC Contributor Resume

Name: Ronald Gage

Job Title:Electrical Engineer

Experience: Linux/Unix hacking (some SCO, some HP/ux). Machine tool design, programming, debug and installation. Programmed several AB PLC2, PLC5, and Pyramid Integrators. Also played with an AB ControlLogix. Current assignment has me in a Modicon plant so you could say that I am well rounded, PLC wise. As for computer hacking, I have been doing that since the days of the old Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 1. One of my most popular hack back then was to add the ability to get a file directory displayed on the screen from inside BASIC without leaving BASIC (I hacked a hidden command within the interpreter). I have also dabbled in PC board design as a hobbiest - I have no designs on copper - yet.

Contributions: By far, my greatest contribution to the community is the Allen Bradley Ethernet driver and Utilities for Linux, which I am the author of. I also am very active in my region of the world as a Linux Advocate. I am also the co-founder of my local Linux Users Group. Other, lesser known projects of mine include a library and utility set for reading Dallas Semiconductor 1-wire temperature sensors (DS-1820) and a still in development interface program for use with the Fluke ScopeMeter 123. Future planned projects include a Modbus/TCP driver for Linux.

Other Comments:
I am very well versed in several operating systems (except VMS). I am also a very highly skilled PLC/PC programmer (but no windows, please). I don't mind taking design risks for the sake of breaking new territory, hense my
affiliation with Linux in general. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Ronald R. Gage - Saginaw, MI
([email protected])

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LinuxPLC Contributor Resume

Name: Alan Locke

Job Title: Controls Engineer (Electrical Engineer by education)


12 years controls experience in aircraft manufacturing business. Have programmed various PLCs (Allen Bradley Micrologix/SLC500/PLC5 and
ControlLogix, TI, GE 90-70 and a little Siemens S7) in applications ranging from x-ray vaults to material handling to forming presses. Have some
experience with Wonderware Intouch, Rockwell RSView32, Panelview and Iconics Graphworks HMI. Have experience developing and programming special purpose machines controlled by combinations of DOS based applications and intelligent motion control drives.

Also have extensive experience in CNC ladder programming with Allen Bradley 9/260 and 8600 and a little with Fanuc 15 and Siemens 840D. Experienced in motion control applications.

Have industrial electrical panel design experience and some circuit board level design experience.

My traditional programming experience is mainly C for DOS environment from a number of years ago. Also have some experience in visual basic and Java.

I've been using Linux for a couple of years, but have no Linux environment programming experience. I hope to remedy this shortfalling
somewhat through participation in this Linux PLC project.


If I can keep up with the learning curve, I hope to eventually contribute at least some small amount of code.

Other Comments:


mailto:[email protected]

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Rick Jafrate

LinuxPLC Contributor Resume

Name: Rick Jafrate

Job Title: Sr. Electrical/Control Engineer/Consultant, Mitek Corp.

Experience: I have designed, implemented, and installed automation systems for steel and aluminum industry clients around the world. I was
on the GE Directo-matic 2000 design team (Multi-bus II based PLC controller) where I helped plan the architecture and designed and implemented a RLD editor. I have been an advocate of the use of finite state machines in control system software since the early 80s. I have recently completed a long term contract with Kaiser Aluminum where I
assisted in the design and implementation of a Linux based control system architecture that is to be used to replace aging MODCOMP and other legacy systems.

Contributions: I have been formulating a vision of the ultimate automation platform for nearly 20 years. I succeed in deploying a little more of my vision on each new project. During this time I have had the opportunity to work closely with fellow engineers, managers, operators, and technicians. Over the years I have refining my vision so that it more completely addresses the needs ad desires of the above folks. I would like to share as much of this vision as is useful to this project.

Other Comments:
I have a solid knowledge of C, SFC, RLD, FBL, ASM86, VMS, QNX, GE DMC. I have a working knowledge of Python, XML, and C++. I am new to the linux kernel but I have a couple of experts who are willing to give me lessons as necessary.

Rick Jafrate
[email protected]

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Jack Gallagher

Here is my short intro

LinuxPLC Contributor Resume

Name: Jack Gallagher

Job Title: Lead Software Engineer

Have been developing SCADA systems for six years. Most of my PLC experience is with AB (PLC5, SLC) but I have experience working with
Motorola's Moscad PLC. Examples of projects, Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) Operations Control Center, Chicago TARP project (Deep Tunnel System), Cumberland Gap's Tunnel Ventilation Control System, Northern Correctional
Facilities Door Control System (Somers, Conn - all AB PLCs), embedded software development for Nova Biomedical's pHox blood gas analyzer.

SCADA: USDATA FactoryLink, RSView, Intellution Fix32,

I have a BS in Computer Science. Trying to find the time to work on earning a Masters in either Computer Science or Software Engineering.
Learning object-oriented design on my own to be used in my current project (DART II).

Programming Languages:
I am very strong in the area of writing C, and have some knowledge and experience writing C++ code. Also have developed applications for PLCs using Ladder Logic.

Will try to participate in conversations as much as possible. I am a newbie to Linux and hope to set up a system at home in the near future. I would like to be involved in some design and coding.

Other Comments:

Contact: mailto:[email protected]
Web Site:

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Mark Hutton:
> I have drafted a template for the project who's who.

Oops, another duplication.

I've just put a file in the CVS yesterday for the same purpose.

> I would suggest that those wishing to submit copy the template
> (cut&paste) into an HTML editor, complete as much as desired and e-mail
> it to an administrator (any volunteers).

I guess that's me.

I don't mind whether you e-mail it to me ([email protected]) or put yourself into the file (doc/Maintainers). If you do the latter, please keep to the format of the file :)

(Oh, and if you can send it as plain text, I prefer that over HTML.)

> Obviously, it is not worth submitting until we have an administrator.
> This person would collate the submissions, create an index and
> appropriate HTML pages to be sent to Ken or Dan for inclusion.

The HTML pages will be generated automatically from the file. I haven't written the scripts to do that yet - I want to wait a bit what kind of
information ends up in there, and what kind of HTML pages people want generated.

Jiri Baum <[email protected]>
On the Internet, nobody knows if you are a @{[@{[open(0),<0>]}-1]}-line
perl script...

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LinuxPLC Contributor Resume

Name: Dan Pierson

Job Title: Chief Architect - Software, Control Technology Corporation
??? (translates to main techie :)),

Linux use, web development and admin 1 year,
Quickstep design and development on Windows 7 years,
Unix software development 9 years (programming tools, parallel Lisp, office automation),
VMS 5 years (OS performance evaluation and Vax Lisp development), other stuff before that 6 years. Member of X3J13 (Common Lisp standard).
My Linux experience is limited, but my Unix experience is rather more extensive and part of it was in a company with a very strong real time
component (Encore/Gould).

Facilitating this project with Linux and web resources. Hope to be able to provide language and tools coding support later (but not from an AB or RLL perspective). Very interested in seeing this project succeed whether or not
it produces something that works with Control Tech's approach to automation control.

Other Comments:
A general software guy with emphasis on programming tools and languages. Seen the progress, crash and continuation of many software bandwagons.
Doesn't believe any one solution or tool is best for everything. Pragmatic technophile.
My control experience is limited to Quickstep and Control Technology Corp.
which is a rather different perspecive than much of this group. I eventually hope to make our perspective workable in this space, but think
its more important that SOMETHING work first.

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Davis Ray Sickmon, Jr

I opended my yap a couple of times on here, so I'm gonna fill this out. I'm more here for information than anything else (see below for explenation of that)

Name: Davis Ray Sickmon, Jr
Job Title: System Administrator, MMI Design / Programming, Network Design /
Implementation, Tech support (yes, I do all those jobs and more. I don't have a 'title' that fits me anymore)

MMI Design & Programming - 6 years using Wonderware, WinView, RSView, etc.
PLC Programming - A couple. Micro 1, AB PLC 2 & PLC 5. While I don't normally program, I do help with troubleshooting and being a soundboard - if you include that, I also know pleanty about Modicon, and older Siemens processors.
Programming - VB/VBA (VBA for office automation tasks), C/C++, 6802 Assmebly (don't ask me to do it, it's been too long!), Perl, and some more obscure languages. Experience with just a little bit of everything from office automation stuff to low level OS stuff.
Open Source Projects: Currently I'm involved in (x) Open Source projects if I count this one: Alliance, and Open Source operating system,
XBasic, a recently GPL'd high-power version of basic, and Jaguar MMI, an Open Source project supported by the company I work for. (Creek Electric, Inc.)

Industries: Feed milling, flour milling, wood chip plants, windshield plants, etc.

Contributions: Licensing discussions for LinuxPLC, and general BSing.
I'll become more active when it comes time for a MMI system to start communicating with LinuxPLC - Jaguar MMI is the Open Source project that I'm
spending most of my time with now, and when it comes time for interfaces between LinuxPLC and MMI systems, I've got a couple of things that I will probably be suggesting.

Other Comments: Both me and the company I work for are in support of Open Source methodology when it comes to Industrial Control development and runtime tools. Creek Electric, Inc. (my employer during the day) has always been a big fan of giving the customer the source code to the PLC program (well, they COULD just download it from the PLC) and the source code for any
MMI and other programming involved. We want our customers to continue to use us because we do good work, NOT because we have locked them into
proprietary systems.

Contact: day job - [email protected] MY company - [email protected]
Web Site: day job - My company -

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Hi All,

Back on-line again.

Name: Simon Paul Martin
Job Title: R&D Software Engineer in Servo Control
R&D Software Engineer in Transaction Processing &

Experience: Trio Motion Technology (UK)( employee, now
OS design and implementation of the following areas for the MC2 range of controllers (in C/Assembler the Texas Instruments
TMS320C3x family of DSP processors):
Multitasking real-time OS
Semicompiled BASIC interprerter
Front end of motion commands
Low level motion sequencer
Resource allocation
USB comms
Involved in the implementation of the servo (5 term PID) and VP Velocity Profile)
Design and implementation of MP1 & MP2 interface software
Design and implementation of the USB driver for Windows
Design and implementation of the
Isys (Partner and developer) (Chile)
Design and implementation of RTTRP (Real-Time Transaction Resolution Protocol) in various financial/retail institutions

Industries: Retail

Programming:C (15 years)
C++ (5 years)
MFC (5 years)
Pascal (6 years about 10 years ago)

Platforms: DOS
Windows (16/32 bit)
Unix (Linux, AIX, SCO)


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Gilles Allard

Here's my submittal to LinuxPlc project:

LinuxPLC Contributor Resume
Name: Gilles Allard
Job Title: System integrator

Experience: 30 years as:
- technician
- electronic design engineer
- mini and micro programmer
- PLC programmer (15 years)
- MMI programmer
- system analyst
- System administrator (HPUX and NT)

Various industries, including:
asphalt, food and beverage, floor covering, steel and chemical.

Various applications, including:
- data communications
- packaging machines
- food processing
- barcoding

PLCs: Modicon, Texas Instruments, Siemens (S5 and S7), PlcDirect.
SCADA and MMI: TiStar, CVU, ProTool, FactoryLink, Genesis, PanelMate,
Exor, etc

PLC programming:
- ladder
- APT (SFC and CFC)
- STEP 7 (LAD, SCL, SFC and CFC)

Computer programming
- ASM for X86
- C
- Java
- PL1
- PL/M

Data communication expert (including some PLCs).

Other Comments:
HPUX experience: 4 years
LINUX experience: none

Reviewer for "Standards Council of Canada"

Involvment in LinuxPlc project: do not have time for coding. Will review and comment.

Contact: mailto:[email protected]

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Darryl L. Palmer

Name: Darryl Palmer
Email: [email protected]
Background: Current job title "Research Assistant" at Cleveland State University. Currently Master's student in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, thesis is on component-based open HMI system for Windows NT/CE. Current research also includes on-line ultrasonic monitoring of filler concentration for extruders for Ferro Corp., component-based design of thermowave imaging system for NASA Glenn. Performed previous work in long distance learning, educational software, communication, robotics, digital signal processing, image processing, control systems, artificial intelligence (predominantly genetic programming), including other general software development. Programming: C (13 years); C++ (7 years); Visual C++ (5 years); Assembly (4 years); FORTRAN (4 years). Platforms: Windows 9X/NT/CE; DOS; OpenVMS; Unix (Linux, HPUX). Hardware: Altera FPGA, Motorola HC11, Microchip PICs, Echelon LonWorks. PLCs: AB 5/XX E and 5/XX C

Darryl Palmer
Cleveland State University

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