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ravi chandran

Dear sir,

i have joined this firm and i was asked to make project proposal to one of the customer. We are in automation business. We manufacture conveyors and loader units for industries. My task here is to write a proposal paper of our project. In the paper i will need to put the cost, delivery time,
warranty period, and all other things. hope somebody could send me a sample of a project proposal paper that i can use a basic format for my writings. Could the experts in the field help me.

thanks in advance

ravi chandran


I'm sure that a format has already bean established by the said company. Look back into their archives to find a format. When I first
started with my present company I think they thought I was from Missouri. The show me state, I do believe. Now, I have evolved into their
system and have actually improved it.

If they don't have the patience or understanding maybe they are not the company to work for. Engineers for the most part can be very arrogant
but I think the best of the best are down to earth people who are willing to share their experience and knowledge with anyone who is willing to listen and learn.

This is just my opinion and I'm sticking to it.

Adolfo Jimmy Saldivias

Dear Ravi:
Customers understand and are interested mainly in 3 things:
1. how to make money
2. how not to lose money
3. how to make more money

I recommend that you find out what is the economic benefit that your customer will perceive by buying your product. Will he(she) make money? Will he (she) stop losing money? Will he (she) gain more money by installing your product?

Generally we use a format like the following:

1. Presentation letter
2. Executive summary (1 page please) where you describe the advantages (in non technical language) and the cost of the whole project
3. Extended quotation item by item. Here you detail "main" technical characteristics of each item and what role it plays in your system.
4. Appendix with specs "in extenso" for each product

Hope it helps
Jimmy Saldivias